For many years, the train station was … Her job is uncommon for most ordinary cats, she is the station master and she works five days in a week from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Read more. This story began in the late 1990s with a young calico cat called Tama. When the autumn season arrives, locals and tourists come to see the maple trees. from Osaka) it’s very easy to get to the train that will bring you to JR Kishi Station. Though going up stone stairs is a bit tough, the view from the top floor will refresh you. Wakayama Tama, the feline station master: Somewhere in Wakayama lives a marketing genius. Tama, stationmaster of Kishi station and vice-president of the Wakayama Electric Railway, died on June 22nd, aged 16 Nekko Trip เยี่ยมแมวนายสถานีทามะ ที่จ.วากายาม่า Cat Station Master at Wakayama October 30, 2015 10 Comments สวัสดีค่า คืนวันศุกร์แบบนี้ จะมีอะไรดีไปกว่าการ… Cat stationmaster Tama mourned in Japan and elevated as goddess. TAMADEN WAKAYAMA ELECTRIC RAILWAY This train is modeled after "Station Master Tama", the working cat who represented Japan and was declared Super Station Master in 2008. The man who looked after Kishi Station adopted a stray cat called Tama and it used to sit with him in the same station. For the stations of JR Osaka Loop Line, get on JR Kishuji Rapid Train. After Tama—the kitty who first revitalized the failing railway by drawing throngs of visitors who came to see her decked out in her conductor’s hat—passed away in June, she was honored in a Shinto ceremony.Now the grieving process is … Malaysian National Monument - Tugu Negara. Where can I get more information about him? The calico cat was appointed stationmaster at the Kishi station in western Japan in 2007 and died early last week. According to Wakayama Electric Railway Co., which appointed the female tortoiseshell cat to master of Kishi Station in January 2007, Tama had been recuperating from rhinitis since May. Tama, one of those stray cats, began spending a lot of time here, and in 2007 was named as the station master, eventually rising to the rank of Super Station Master. Ian P wrote a review Nov 2018. However, merchandise of Nitama and Tama are also available at Idakiso station (Nitama's original station). Photo about This photo was taken in wakayama kishi station.This room is designed with cat shape. And “manned” is certainly not the right word because Tama is a cat. Share . Tama (born April 29, 1999) is a calico cat who is the station master at Kishi Station in Kinokawa, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan. The president of the railway, Mitsunobu Kojima, told the news outlet that appointing Tama as stationmaster had initially just been an excuse to keep the cat at the station. A study … He decided to make Tama the official station master … A Cat in a stationmaster’s hat. Go straight on Keyaki-odori Street in front of the station. Tama was born in 1999, making this her sweet sixteenth bithday. In 2007 Tama was given the honorary title of stationmaster. Tama’s presence increased the amount of passengers passing through the station by 17% within a month. Masjid Jamek, Kuala Lumpur - Did You Know? (One day ticket: adult 780 yen, child 390 yen) MAP. Wakayama 2017.05.09 Bookmark. You’ll get to meet and greet the famous stationmaster of the Kishigawa railway: Tama, the hat-wearing, black, brown, and white adorable cat. Wakayama Dentetsu: Cute cat station master - See 169 traveller reviews, 454 candid photos, and great deals for Wakayama, Japan, at Tripadvisor. Beberapa pemilik peliharaan bahkan memperlakukan kucing mereka seperti anak manusia, dikasih makanan enak, kasur dan bantal empuk sampai … Mr Kojima said appointing Tama as stationmaster was initially an excuse to keep the cat at the station. It all starts from Wakayama Station’s platform nine. A cute train that can make you smile just by looking at Tama, originally a stray cat, was adopted by the station master at the time. Inside the station, there is a cat themed cafe, and even a small Tama museum. On the train, you will be amazed by their unique seats and decorations, and they have even small book shelves which allow you to enjoy reading on the train! While serving as a station master, Tama gained fame for her adorable outlook and attracted plenty of tourists from home and abroad. Before you visit Masjid Jamek read some of its interesting history and visitor information. 90 Likes, 1 Comments - Masaki Okimi (@mydooookimi) on Instagram: “A cat in Wakayama Prefecture named “Tama” has become well known as a station master. Mie Wakayama: Station Master Cat Tama, Wakayama Castle [Trip Day 4.1] たま駅長・和歌山城 . Tama in … Tama passed away in 2015 and her place was taken by her apprentice Nitama (Tama the Second) who had been serving at nearby Idakiso station. With our day pass ticket we managed to ride on three of the four trains. Kishi Station in Kinokawa, Wakayama lost a local celebrity, Tama the Stationmaster, last year at the ripe cat-age of 16 years. Tama (Japanese: たま, April 29, 1999 – June 22, 2015) was a female calico cat who gained fame for being a station master and operating officer at Kishi Station on the Kishigawa Line in Kinokawa, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan. Another cat, called Yontama, is now the apprentice special station master at Idakiso station and she will succeed Nitama if and when the need arises. 8,255,167 Unique Visitors Served Since 2011. The view on the train ride from Wakayama to Kishi is beautiful - the area is … Located in Kinokawa City, Wakayama Prefecture, Kishi Station is the last stop on the 14.3-kilometer (9-mile) Kishigawa Line, the only line operated by Wakayama Electric Railway. Photo about Kishi, Japan - October 07: Museum and station of Cat Station Master Nitama on October 07 in Kishi, Japan. Copyright © 2011-2021, CONTACT ME   |    PRIVACY POLICY    |    TRAVEL BLOG    |    ABOUT ME. “But she was really doing her job,” … According to the Associated Press, the Wakayama Electric Railway had been almost bankrupt at the time of Tama’s appointment, and the Kishi station had let go of all its staff. This station consists of souvenir shop and small museum and cafe.In cafe they sell sandwich called "Hot Cat" not a hot dog. Date of experience: January 2019. After passing through the ticket gate, let the guidance … A short ride from Wakayama is Kishi a small station due for closure until saved by a cat. The calico cat has been credited with saving the struggling station, and its railway line, from financial collapse. MAP. In 2007, Tama was officially appointed stationmaster of Kishi station. At Kishi Station in Kinokawa City, Wakayama, Japan I had the opportunity to interview a cat named “Tama 2nd Station Master”, who is more casually known as Nitama (Ni means two). One of the cats was adopted by the informal station master and that cat, named Tama, would become the cat that saved the railway. Unfortunately Tama Train seemed to be having a day-off at the train-wash. Kishi Station, which is in Japan’s Wakayama Prefecture, will have a memorial on June 28th. Some 30 minutes from central Wakayama City in southeast Japan is the quiet, rural neighborhood of Kinokawa. The ticket office is on the platform. She spends most of the day sleeping, even when she is supposed to be on duty and yet, she is the most important employee of the Wakayama Electric Railway. All the permanent stationmasters on the line were made redundant and local residents took over the positions on an unofficial basis. Kishi Station (貴志駅, Kishi-eki) is a train station on the Kishigawa Line in Kinokawa, Wakayama, Japan, operated by the private railway operator Wakayama Electric Railway. Tourists and locals treated her like a celebrity, she is the cat idol in Wakayama. Just follow Tama’s foot pawsteps! The station master in a small Japanese town knows little about trains and is more interested in naps and treats than in schedules, which is not surprising because she is a cat. Ayo, cek produk dan aktivitas populer lainnya di kota tersebut! Most of the time she relaxes and dozes in her glass cabin, seemingly oblivious to the thousands of tourists trying to take a selfie with her. Not only is April 29 Showa Day and a national holiday, it's also the birthday of none other than Ultra Station Master Tama, the adorable feline in charge of Kishi Station in Wakayama Prefecture. WAKAYAMA, Japan - Tama, a cat "station master" at Wakayama Electric Railway Co.'s Kishi Station, is held by company President Mitsunobu Kojima during a ceremony at the station in Kinokawa, Wakayama... Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images Actually, she is usually taking a nap comfortably. Yontama means Tama the Fourth (not sure what happened to Tama the Third). Tama the cat sits at her post as stationmaster at Kishi train station in Wakayama, western Japan. #86 #toyota86…” Wakayama Cat Stationmaster, Kuroshio Market, & Porto Europa Day Tour dari Osaka 100+ kali Dipesan. Kerjanya cuma makan, tidur dan main. Cat owners must know that some cats are acting like they’re the boss. Tama the current “station master” is undoubtedly cute and exceedingly spoilt Evan the design of the building itself is cat orientated. Today’s Doodle celebrates little Tama, the beloved stationmaster of Kishi Station in Kinokawa, Wakayama, Japan. The insides and outsides of the Tamaden, or Tama train. In April 2006 the Wakayama Electric Railway converted all stations on the Kishigawa Line from manned to unmanned in an effort to cut costs. Pemilik peliharaan kucing pasti tahu bahwa beberapa kucing kelakuannya seperti bos. (Opening hours of the castle tower: 9:00-17:30, Entrance fee: adult 410 yen, elementary/junior high school student: 200 yen) MAP. First of all this station itself is cat shape.Designed be Eiji Mitooka ,famous designer of designing Japan's luxury trains. Each train has different decorations and illustrations inside the car, so you will be entertained while sitting on the train. Kishi Station in Kinokawa, Wakayama lost a local celebrity, Tama the Stationmaster, last year at the ripe cat-age of 16 years. Surprisingly, this castle also has a zoo. Hotel Konig Von Ungarn: Perfect Location, Traditional Values - See 697 traveler reviews, 454 candid photos, and great deals for Hotel Konig Von Ungarn at Tripadvisor. Tama-chan The cat’s miaow. An estimated 3,000 people, including … It takes 30 minutes to Kishi Station. Train runs through the peaceful landscape of the countryside. Since then tourists from all over Japan and beyond flocked to see the cat stationmaster, who wore an official badge round her neck and, when she could be persuaded, posed for photos in a station master's hat. Oh, tidak! Buy one day ticket at the gate of the platform. Does it only run at certain times or on certain days? And Kishi Station is perhaps the only station in the world where work has been outsourced to our feline friends. The workdays of Nitama can be found on Wakayama Electric Railway’ website. We are currently planning a trip to Japan - I would love to meet Tama the Stationmaster Cat at Kishi Station! Cat Stationmaster Nitama, the cat stationmaster at Kishi Station in Wakayama, Japan is not your regular railway employee. Tama Densha' - Japan's remarkable Cat Train & Station Master A cat’s tale. Finally, you got to Kishi Station, which is also named Tama Museum. Get on Kishigawa Line of Wakayama Electric Railway. Do you know that there is a cat station master in Japan? Based in Osaka, ROJI is a travelogue featuring places, attractions, and experiences that we have encountered in Japan. You can take the Wakayama Electric Railway train from Wakayama station. The popularity of the endearing “station master” Tama, a female calico cat on the Wakayama Electric Railway Kishigawa Line, endures. The train station is not like any other - it’s overseen by a famous Station Master cat! Hunting the Trace of Folk Legends “Tono Monogatari”, 7 Famous Castles in Kansai from the World Heritage to Hogwarts Castle, Setouchi Island Hopping – Colorful Ogres & Kagawa’s Cat Island, Ogijima. She spends most of the day sleeping, even when she is supposed to be on duty and yet, she is the most important employee of the Wakayama Electric Railway. Nitama has taken over as station master of Kishi station. Helpful. It all starts from Wakayama Station’s platform nine. Dec 20, 2014 - In Kinokawa City (Wakayama, Japan) there’s a peculiar train station manned by Tama, a peculiar station master. And talking about the boss, the Kishi Station in Wakayama has its own cat boss, Tama, who gets special treat from her fans. The… She is very busy running her own cat-themed station, train, and cafe. The trains on the line have been refurbished and four specially themed trains run between Wakayama and Kishi. The station now houses a cafe, a little museum, and a shrine dedicated to Tama, who passed away in 2015. Tama Museum Kishi Station, Kinokawa Picture: Station master - Check out Tripadvisor members' 1,028 candid photos and videos of Tama Museum Kishi Station Tama (top left), the original cat stationmaster, passed away in June 2015 and is now known as ‘Honourable Eternal Stationmaster’. They are busy with sleeping, playing and eating. Second,cat station master "Nitama" might welcome you.But he is not on duty on Wednesday and Thursday. Thanks :) Report inappropriate content . This article is all about the unique trains modeled after the cat train master, strawberries, and toys! The tradition of a cat stationmaster goes back to January 2008, when officials of the Wakayama Electric Railway promoted Tama to the “super station master” of the Kishi station. Posted on 22 March, 2016 10 September, 2016 Author Ken Goh. This castle was the residence of Kishu-Tokugawa Clan, who has been given the position to succeed the Tokugawa Shogun in Edo period. Take a 30-minute train ride from Wakayama Station to Kishi Station. ROJI covers both traditional and modern Japan in many places and events. As soon as you enter the station, the second station master “Nitama” will greet you unless she is sleeping. I would also love to ride the special "Tama Densha" train with pictures of Tama on it. To see the timings of the different trains please refer to Wakayama Electric Railway's timetable page. Mie Wakayama: Station Master Cat Tama, Wakayama Castle [Trip Day 4.1] たま駅長・和歌山城. A heart-warming trip to see “Tama”, the station master. The railway provided Tama with cat food as a salary. Wakayama Dentetsu: Cute cat station master - See 169 traveler reviews, 454 candid photos, and great deals for Wakayama, Japan, at Tripadvisor. Rental Mobil Pribadi di Osaka; 4.5 (21 Ulasan) Rp 7,658,288 Rp 5,880,938 Cabang Kobegyu Wanomiya (神戸牛和ノ宮) Midousuji di Namba - … Wakayama Electric Railway, home to the first feline stationmaster of a private Japanese railroad, is a local Wakayama Prefecture railroad that runs from Wakayama Station in Wakayama City to Kishi Station in Kinokawa City, in an approximately 30-minute-long trip. The Wakayama Electric Railway Kishigawa Line travels from Wakayama Station in Wakayama City to Kishi Station, on a 14.3 km, 30 minute train service. Passengers who purchase a Day Pass ticket can hop on and off the train at intermediate stations to visit the three Saigoku Shrines. Tama is a calico cat (mikeneko, 三毛猫). Tampaknya, produk ini sudah tidak tersedia lagi. The decision to make a stray calico cat the honorary Station Master may have been the best decision the company ever made. Kishi station was remodelled in 2010 and given a roof made from bark made to resemble a cat's face with eyes and ears. Tama in 2008. There are four kinds of trains, “Tama” Train, Strawberry Train, Toys Train, and Umeboshi (dried plum) Train. The station is now a major tourist site, and was renovated to become cat-shaped in 2010. A Tama train that features 101 cute illustrations of our hard-working station master is on the tracks as well. Yontama, the cat stationmaster at Idakiso station. Tama was then promoted to Super Station Master and awarded many titles for her contribution to local tourism, and 2013 she was further promoted as the Honorary President of Wakayama Electric Railway. I'm referring to the individual who came up with the idea to assign the title Station Master to a living, purring, calico cat named Tama. Statistics up to end December 2020. This station has “Tama Cafe” that serves French toast and ice creams. This station consists of souvenir shop and small museum and cafe.In cafe they sell sandwich called "Hot Cat" not a hot dog. The hype brought in tourism (mostly young girls my taxi driver informed me). Tama was a female calico cat famous for being the station master and operating officer at Kishi Station in 2007. Some owners even treated their cats like their human children with great food, the puffiest pillow, and the cutest-pretties clothes. For a start, she's a cat. Many people have fallen in love with this cat! According to a spokesperson for Wakayama Electric Railway Co, Tama died on Monday night of acute heart failure, Fuji TV reported. Nitama, the cat stationmaster at Kishi Station in Wakayama, Japan is not your regular railway employee. The Kishigawa line running in Wakayama is famous for its cute feline station master, Tama. Osaka vs Tokyo: Which is the Perfect Destination for You? Walk around Nagoya’s Most Popular Street – Sakae Street. At “Tama Shop” in the station, you can find Tama’s goods and various souvenirs made from Umeboshi, which is the local product of Wakayama. 9 in Wakayama Station. The trains for this service, called the Kishigawa Line, run from Platform 9 (rather like Harry Potter trains depart from Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross). KL's Little India district is worth visiting to experience a different side to the city. Let’s go to the cat-shaped station to see the cat stationmaster and ride the cat-themed train at Kishi Station. A cat that served as nominal stationmaster on an obscure Japanese branchline, bringing thousands of extra tourists and spawning a merchandising goldrush has died, a railway spokesman said Thursday. 803 Kishigawacho Kodo, Kinokawa 640-0413, Wakayama Prefecture. We visited one of them, the Itakiso Jinja, a short walk from Idakiso station. The Malaysian National Monument is an emotive bronze statue overlooking the Kuala Lumpur Lake Gardens honouring those who died during the Malayan Emergency and other wars. This ticket allows you to get on the train for 20 yen cheaper than the regular fare. Gently winding through Wakayama Prefecture farmlands and towns, the 14.3-KM-long Kishigawa railway line was on the verge of bankruptcy when it was literally saved by a cat.