All these advancements come at a cost. Even my ancient Humax box had My5 app strange, will … It is also on TV streamersfrom Now TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku, along with games consoles, including Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. I have a Humax PVR Freeview box i can't seem to get the new My5 demand service from Channel 5 group of channels it just sits there with a blue screen then goes back to whatever channel i was watching. If the connection appears to be in working order, try … Programmes not loading on Humax Freesat/Freeview devices App version 0.29.2 I will ask a supplementary question of HUMAX - why is a factory reset needed to check for new app software? In such a case, you can try … It is not an aerial problem as I have 80% signal and 100% quality. TVs need regular updates to keep these features working and, as they get older, those updates can start to dry up. I’m re-scanning on Astra 28.2E & just getting complete encrypted crap that’s not even English. 2020-12-19 15:08:19 I,ve done the same, it,s a shame as I really like this recorder and have been a Humax user from a 9150 to my last box which was a HDR1000. Scroll down then click Check for the update under Flash Player. Whether you need to register your product, communicate with an LG Support Representative, or obtain repair service. Sony Bravia Sync and Panasonic Viera link were among several CEC systems affected, Humax models such as the 1800 did not have the option to turn it off and the company stonewalled any enquiries. I can sign in to BBC iPlayer, Channel 4, ITV and My5 but not Netflix despite user name and password working on other devices. I can confirm that both the services you mention are working correctly on FVP 5000T this morning. For some reason, My5 is working today. • Android phones and tablets - you will need Android 4.4 or above to benefit from the latest features and to watch STV Live. If this happens viewers are advised to do a retune of their YouView box to ensure they receive the correct channels. Calum McConnachie Member Posts: 2. @shanefilanfanx @HumaxUK why is YouTube not working on the Freesat humax box again. There isn’t a year goes by that we don’t get numerous reports of TVs losing access to streaming apps, such as BBC iPlayer, All 4, ITV Hub, Netflix and more. Since switching to BT Fibre in Dec 2015 I've been unable to stream content via All 4 on my Panasonic Smart TV TX-42AS650B. Mozilla Firefox In Firefox, first, check if Flash is enabled. My5 can be accessed via pay-TV services from Virgin Media, Sky and BT TV. If Flash still does not work, you likely need to update it. Unplug the receiver and wait for around 10 minutes. Shows "LOADING" when you select UKTV Play but never load. For STV Player+ we recommend iOS10 or above. I suspect it will be going back to Humax for replacement shortly. Channel 5 is one of the main 5 programme channels here in the UK - so why no support from LG? The Humax Aura is a smart set-top box based on the Android TV platform (v9 aka Pie) with a Freeview Play tuner. The HB-1100S is a high-definition Freesat box with a ‘roll-back’ TV guide that makes it easy to watch programmes on demand over Wi-Fi. STV Player runs on the following platforms: • Web (We recommend using the Chrome browser) • iPhone and iPad - you will need iOS9 or above to benefit from the latest features and to watch STV Live. Yeah My5 same here in terms of the integrated one, installing from google play one working, but not one when press freeview play button. Sky also operates a pay-TV service, including the Sky Sports channel which broadcasts Premier League games, which are also availble on the Sky Go video streaming service. I am not able to watch any program using Demand 5 Player service. Do not show this again today. Click the Open menu , then Add-ons, Plugins then click on Preferences for Shockwave Flash. Exactly the same thing here John. All other players work fine but Demand 5 has NEVER worked. ---- If you're having problems with reception, picture or channels when watching Freeview then look no further than our step-by-step troubleshooting guide, these are the steps that we would talk you through if you called one of our advisors at the Freeview advice line. Set up the Humax from scratch. I hope they can get it sorted, I even tried a Manhattan TR-3 pvr but that went back as it was so glichey, eg not responding to the remote and sometimes not recording at all and I didn,t find their customer service as helpful as some have said. Here's how to check Powerline Adapters or BT Mini Connectors are working > For My5, Worked yesterday. At one time there was a very small part of the UKTV Play logo (Ithink) visible at the top of the screen but usually sticks on a blank screen which is happening now. For some reason, My5 is working today. Check the following page for updates on this issue: Why am I seeing an 'Internet download failed...' message on my Sony TV? close. Hello All, in addition to the My5 player being missing from Freeview play, I find that BBC iPlayer will not load. Then login to the IceTV website and go to My Account > My Recorders then click on the Settings button next to your Humax device and click on … What do you need help with? Even SKY will only come out and check the dish if they installed it. ITV has had to apologise to fans after their catch-up app the ITV Hub stopped working for a lot of people. LG Support Need information? What is the Humax HB-1100S? See all. Anybody else found it to be working again? Humax introduces Voice Assistant set-top box and Wi-Fi 6E gateway at Virtual RDK Summit – Oct 27, 2020 Humax introduces AURA: First Android TV 4K Freeview Play Recorder – Oct 19, 2020 Humax enters vehicle mobility market – Oct 1, 2020 How can they call this a Smart TV without support for the basic UK Channels? On Demand . We can help. I find it telling that the new box (if it ever materialises) is to have a strong focus on streaming. Joined: Jan '19 Posts: 199. offline. I have a Humax DTRT 2000. 9 October 2014, 10:20PM edited 6 March 2017, 10:48PM in Archived Posts. Currently, catch-up programmes are available from BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, My5, UKTV Play, Horror Bites, CBS Catchup Channels UK and STV (in Scotland), in many cases for up to 30 days. 2021-01-21 01:47:52 If the issues continues we recommend contacting the Freeview Advice Line on 0808 100 0288 for more help. my5 not working on freesat, just says not connecting to server. Hi, if possible please could somebody confirm whether 'Demand 5' is down at the moment as i'm just getting a message 'Unable to contact server - please try again' - It's not a major issue, but I would just like to confirm it's down so i don't waste time trying to getting it working. More players will be added to Freeview over time – keep an eye out on our news and blog pages for more news on this. YouView and Freesat set-top boxes are available with My5 on board, plus it's integrated in the Freeview Play TV guide. No productive help yet from Netflix! It’s not working in Elland, and hasn’t been for a few days. In the Chrome address bar, type chrome://components then hit Enter. Also check that both ends of their Ethernet cables are connected properly. Given that Humax plans to cease its involvement in Freesat in October 2019 (if memory serves correctly), there's not much time to stimulate consumer interest, let alone get new hardware to market. Hi does anyone know why I am suddenly unable to watch programmes on My5. Demand 5 Not Working. Retune your channels Guide not working properly Missing channels on Sony TV Hide & unhide channels Using the TV Guide. ... Another person with the same problem on a Humax DTR1000 retail box. Seeing an 'Internet download failed...' message on your Sony TV? The 3 DVB-T2 muxes are fine and don't vanish. If problem persists, try rebooting the box and if that doesn't work, then you should reset the box before trying again. But do NOT tick the 'Format HDD' checkbox (unless you want to delete all recordings). There is a chance while using one of these receivers that you may come across performance issues, such as frequent screen freezing. You don't tell us what Humax device you are using. Not an internet issue as Netflix and other services are working fine. See the user guides if you're not sure how to connect your equipment. Having issues with not being able to watch my5 on my bush smart tv. It’s a combo we haven’t seen before from Humax, but it surely won’t be the last. If you can’t see it in the list, the channel may not be available in your area. Got a question? If it is a case that the recording they'd set is not showing on any filter, try recording the same programme again (or a different programme) to check that the function is working properly. Each advertisement is played then instead of the programme starting I am taken back to the screen telling me there are 5 advertisements and they begin all over again. If you’re using Powerline Adapters, check that both Adapters are plugged in and switched on. 2020-11-05 22:05:43 @BEN25485 Has anyone else’s satellite TV gone down in the UK.? I can stream OK via a Windows PC and an iPhone on the same network, but not the TV, since some time after the switch from Plusnet ADSL to BT Fibre. 5demand goes through even a double set of ads but only 2 seconds of Longmire, or Bull. Finding answers and information is easy with LG online service and support. GrahamRHK - 21 hours ago » Humax have form for causing havoc via CEC systems, read the customer revues on the Amazon link to the Lindy adaptor above. Now TV and Netflix are subscription services. I have an LG-43UN73006LC purchased in the UK - but it does not have a My5 app for watching Channel 5 related programmes in catch up. Also the TV's inbuilt Freeview tuner does not exhibit any such problems nor do other Freeview TVs in the house. This is happening on multiple channels and after multiple device restarts. I select the programme I wish to view on My5 and a message tells me there will be 5 advertisements. on My5 is not working on my humax FVP-4000T today or yesterday, (Saturday). Humax develops a series of digital receiver boxes for cable television and satellite television. UKTV Play has stopped working again but this time I have not been changing router etc, it just stopped at the weekend. Not all programmes available via catch-up from past seven days. Humax have form for causing havoc via CEC systems, read the customer revues on the Amazon link to the Lindy adaptor above. Has anyone had this happen with an FVP-5000 or an FVP-4000? Turn a Bluetooth on in a Dell Latitude D520→. Payment required to access content from Netflix, Now TV and Amazon *Prime Video content currently only available from BT on T2100 and T2200 devices.
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