This instantly shows us a clear divide in characters and who they are. @britishschoolcontent. Waterloo Road Videos on Fanpop. A place for những người hâm mộ of Waterloo Road to watch, share, and discuss their yêu thích videos. Explore Fanpop. The teacher is tying to come across as a much younger person through the way he is dressed. 1. Waterloo Road- Clip Analysis. Page 2 of Waterloo Road video. When the Headteacher of the school has a nervous breakdown, Jack Rimmer is promoted to the position, much to his dismay. ( Log Out /  The teacher agrees to this but only on one condition that the boy finishes his school work first. The camera switches to amid shot of each character as they are in a rush to find the boys inhaler. Waterloo Road is a British television drama series set in a comprehensive school of the same name, broadcast on BBC One and later on BBC Three. @britishschoolcontent. It appears you are trying to access this site using an outdated browser. South side multi-use trail construction to replace existing sidewalk, from Hillside Trail intersection to Highway 85. Soon after he returns, barges into the assembly, dressed in his military suit, with his medals. Not to be used for decision making on land development, site alteration, private construction or real estate. This shows that he is more superior than the rest of the class as he is able to tell them what to do. We fix potholes as needed throughout the year. He is told it has to go through Social Services and is forced to leave. A place for شائقین of Waterloo Road to watch, share, and discuss their پسندیدہ videos. @britishschoolcontent. We then see an over the shoulder shot that helps us to feel apart of the scene. Mika & Brett - First Kiss =) added by laurawoods. video.Waterloo road: Josh . When looking at their body language its clear that although they are the same age, she is seen to be much more intimidating and older as she stands straight and has her hands on her hips, whereas he is seen to be hunched over and holding his hands out in front of him. Deficiency repairs from 2019 trail reconstruction and drainage improvements. Change ). The class is set to show more towards the authority figure as he is the only one standing up and everyone else is sitting down and shown to be lower down than him. Full road reconstruction and watermain looping along the full length of Lorindale. Visit our closures page for road, trail and sidewalk disruptions related to construction projects. Includes replacement of some existing sidewalks. Report a pothole using this form and select the 'road and bike lanes' option. 2. Waterloo Road- Clip Analysis. With Philip Martin Brown, Jason Done, Chelsee Healey, Denise Welch. Further details will be added to this site as they arise. Many of the teachers feel that their job is pointless, and the pupils couldn't care less about their education. chlo and donte clips Completion of creek and surface works from 2019 road reconstruction and culvert replacement at Albert Street. This vid is to دکھائیں his heartbreak about Finn and Tom's rejection. video. Use this list to learn about road, trail and sidewalk projects scheduled for the 2020. Please tell me what آپ think. A place for fans of WaterlooRoad to watch, share, and discuss their favorite videos. The camera follows him as he walks over to them with the broken camera in his hands. A joint project between the City of Waterloo, Region of Waterloo and the Township of Woolwich resulted in a study to realign a portion of the Trans Canada Trail (now the 'Great Trail’) to form a more direct route between Waterloo and Woolwich. It consists of twenty episodes. When  the teacher tries to calm the boy down the scene cuts to a younger woman leaning on a wall. When Scott interrupts Kenzie's rehearsal, she decides to tell him a few home truths — Series 10, Episode 20. Includes new sidewalk on west side. original sound - user4431717394668 . video. That’s why we made Sport Clips where we specialize in haircuts for men and boys. Duration: 01:29 original sound - Waterloo road. Video of chlo and donte for 팬 of Waterloo Road. He knows that if the school doesn't clean up its act soon, The scene is very quick as she continues to shout and his panic grows stronger and stronger. Expected completion: Fall 2020. A review of route options resulted in the preferred route following along Parkside Drive in Waterloo to the Farmers Market area via the existing rail corridor. Feb 13, 2017 - Waterloo road belongs to BBC and Shed productions. ukschool britishschool uk school waterlooroadedit waterloo #waterlooroadclips dontecharles. Watermain replacement and new painted bike lanes from Bluevale Street to University Avenue. ( Log Out /  Page 4 of Waterloo Road videos. Sport Clips is like no other place you’ve ever gotten your hair cut. And Phoebe Dynevor and Jenna Coleman both look almost unrecognisable in an unearthed clip from Waterloo Road in 2009. The ninth series of the British television drama series, Waterloo Road, began airing on 5 September 2013 on BBC One and ended on 12 March 2014. Various connection improvements, including new sidewalks and multi-use trails. chlo and donte clips The boys share a look much different to how they looked at the male teacher as they both looked concerned. Add interesting content and earn coins Completion of creek and surface works from 2019 road reconstruction and culvert replacement at Albert Street. The scene then  cuts to three students walking down the corridor whilst in conversation. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Video of chlo and donte for fan of Waterloo Road. Search the BBC Search the BBC Him and two other students begin to whisper about past events and we can see by the look of the two other characters and their facial expressions that they are holding back a secret from the boy. Full road reconstruction from Weber Street to Margaret Avenue. From looking at this section and connecting it to the representation of age it is clear that she is more intimidating to the boy than h is to her as he allows her to do this, much like the teacher in the opening scene being intimidating to the two boys. a tribute to one of my favourite characters:) Really like dinastia barry Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. video. A place for fãs of Waterloo Road to watch, share, and discuss their favorito videos. That’s our job. The teachers see the students all to be the same age whereas, the year 11’s seem to feel a lot older than the years 10’s. ( Log Out /  He tells his army force stories and wows all the children. The young boy is seen to be slouched over and looks lazy whereas, the teacher is standing straight and look like he has more authority than the boy. The student slouches over and walks away, which is away of agreeing with the teacher. Waterloo Road Club tham gia New Post. This is a tribute to Josh Stevenson (william rush) and his confusion about his sexuality in Waterloo road. Two young girls (presumably in year 11) see the teacher and laugh at him saying he looks like he raided a years 10’s wardrobe. John Fosters (Waterloo Road) Angela Griffin. Includes replacement and upgrading of existing multi-use trail. 2. Add interesting content and earn coins The camera then pans up the stairs towards a male teacher who is attempting to dress much younger than his age. November 4, 2015 January 3, 2016. The show is set in the English town of Rochdale from series one until the end of series seven, and the Scottish town of Greenock from the beginning of series eight until the end of the show in series ten. Even she looks at the male teacher as if he has more authority than her due to him being much older than her, which proves that age has such big role to play in the scene. Add interesting content and earn coins As the camera tracks forward we are able to see that the two young boys are frightened of what the teacher may say and due to the stern look on his face shows that he is not happy with what they have done. Includes widened sidewalks. The camera then does a tracking shot towards the teachers shoes which are smart dress shoes. The camera then cuts to a student who abruptly runs into the classroom and they tell the teacher about the girl before dragging the boy into the room. Clips from Waterloo Road. Surface asphalt completing 2019 road reconstruction, from Margaret Avenue to Bluevale Street. Another thing we notice when looking at the representation of age is the authority and superiority that the teacher has over the student as they discuss a broken window and the student offers to help the teacher fix it. I will talk about how the director has decided to input the different micro features such as; editing, camera angles, sound and mise-en-scene. Information on this work was presented to the public in 2017 with presentation boards. She stops him from leaving the classroom and his panic changes to pain as he clenches his chest. Page 2 of Waterloo Road 비디오. Toggle Section Roads, sidewalks and trails Menu, Atlantic Park to New Hampshire Park trail repairs, Davenport Road and Lexington Road bike crossing, Lincoln Road watermain replacement and bike lanes, Moccasin Drive, Longwood Drive and Albert Street surfacing, safety, such as lighting and crossing major roads, what would happen to the current Trans Canada Trail alignment. Project activity is subject to change without notice. We then see a teacher approach the boy as the camera focuses on him. This is an interesting representation of age as it shows us that although they are much younger than the teachers and see themselves to be much older than the year 10’s. A place for অনুরাগী of Waterloo Road to watch, share, and discuss their পছন্দ videos. They begin taking and we see a mid shot of the two characters talking face to face. She laughs at him as she finds the whole scenario funny until the teacher comes rushing in, as he is concerned for the boys health. When he has done so, he then tells them to get ready for a test and to sit in silence. In the clip that I have just watched I will be discussing the issue of age as it is shown throughout the clip. In the clip that I have just watched I will be discussing the issue of age as it is shown throughout the clip. Clips from Waterloo Road Reunited. Waterloo ROad - Earl Kelly =) added by staceyblack12. As a result, parts of the site may not function properly for you. Waterloo Road (TV Series 2006–2015) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Includes widened sidewalks. One of the girls starts arguing over what the other two students were talking about until she sees a boy walking down the corridor which grabs her attention. The Sport Clips Experience REDEFINES MEN'S HAIRCUTS. Watermain loop is from Colonial Acres Public School to Denholm Street. The series follows the lives of the staff and pupils of the eponymous school, a troubled Scottish comprehensive school. Summary: Waterloo Road Comprehensive isn't doing very well. The camera then travels over to a young boy leaning on the wall next to the door. Various resurfacing techniques, including remove and replace, mill and overlay asphalt, curb and sidewalk repairs. The corridor is  crowded wit other students and we hear the non-diegetic sound of other students talking, which gives us a better feel of being involved in the scene. Includes new multi-use trail section to close gap in the Waterloop trail. Page 2 of Waterloo Road video. ukschool britishschool uk school waterloo waterlooroadedit #waterlooroadclips lewisseddon. Contact: . Analysis of Waterloo road clip. I will talk about how the director has decided to input the different micro features such as; editing, camera angles, sound and mise-en-scene. Add interesting content and earn coins Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. These are some clips from series 2 of waterloo road of brett as it was a request from zara790! Expected start: Spring 2020. Waterloo Road. Some themes heard from the public included: The study work is nearing completion which will position the municipal partners to access funding opportunities as they arise. We know you don’t think about haircuts 24/7. However because he ha good news the teacher dismisses that he is late and lets him off, saying “congratulations”. This may be because she treats them as if they are adults whereas, the male teacher treats them like the children they are. britishschool ukschool uk … Full road reconstruction from Warrington Drive to Erb Street. The fact that the young boys are in trainers shows that they are of a younger and more immature age and that the person whom we find out is the teacher is in smart shoes. We maintain city roads, trails and sidewalks through rehabilitation and new building projects. Full road reconstruction from King to Peppler Street. a tribute to one of my favourite characters:) Really like Dynasty barry chlo and donte clips He arrives at Waterloo Road with no warning and demands to see his grandchildren. Neilson Avenue surfacing. She begins to run down the corridor where she grabs the boys arm and drags him into a classroom. Phoebe, 25, played Siobhan Mailey from … Hope آپ … Includes replacement of existing sidewalks. Add interesting content and earn coins. Page 2 of Waterloo Road 视频. ( Log Out /  The clip that i am going to analyse is a scene from waterloo road. This is a good representation of age as she is older than the students but is obviously younger than most teachers as she has the same body language as the students. Use this page to learn more about reporting potholes and current construction projects. The trail runs along rear of Atlantic Boulevard. A place for peminat-peminat of Waterloo Road to watch, share, and discuss their kegemaran videos. A place for fan of Waterloo Road to watch, share, and discuss their preferito videos. added by SilverPatronus. The camera then cuts to a close up of a door that is the office to one of the teachers. Waterloo ROad - Remember That Night=) added by staceyblack12. A contemporary drama series set in a challenging comprehensive school. It is clear that from there reactions off the two teachers, they have more respect for her and care more about her opinion than his. Crossing improvements at intersection, including new dedicated bicycle signals and crossrides. video. Sports everywhere. The first thing we see in the next sequence is the reflection of the two characters arguing in an empty classroom. The teacher once again give a student an order showing us that the teachers still have authority over students. The first thing we notice would be the camera angles starting at a low angle of the two school boys shoes, which are trainer. Jess and Karen Fisher (waterloo road) added by SilverPatronus. People were writing things like: “Does this mean it's coming back”, “I miss Waterloo road so much was such a good wee program, would love it to come back like and I'm sure loads off others would to!”, and “Bring it back! 6. The camera then cuts to a teacher in his classroom trying to calm the students in his class down. Created by Ann McManus, Maureen Chadwick. We recommend updating your browser to its most recent version at your earliest convenience. If your vehicle was damaged from a pothole on a city street, visit use our insurance claim page to learn more about making a claim. He wearing baggy trousers and a top that isn’t what that generation of people would wear. Page 2 of Waterloo Road vídeos. The camera follows the student down the corridor before following back to the teacher who turns his head back to the student and looks over his shoulder with a concerned look on his face. original sound - user4431717394668. As reported by the Daily Star, the official Waterloo Road Facebook page has changed its logo – and some of the comments are taking this to mean it could be returning. This list is for general information only. Video of chlo and donte for fans of Waterloo Road. Includes new multi-use trail section to close gap in the Waterloop trail. A young boy enters into the scene as he is late for class. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Waterloo Road is a British television drama series set in a comprehensive school of the same name, broadcast on BBC One and later also on BBC Three. The teacher quickly rushes out whilst still giving orders to his class, showing us that he doesn’t need to be in the room in order to have authority over the class. The camera then cuts to a mid shot of a woman teacher, who walks towards the boys and teacher with a concerned look on her face. We’ve turned something you have to do, into something you want to do. The scene then moves onto the teacher telling of the students which again links back to the teacher being of a higher superior and having more authority.
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