Strong trade winds are expected this afternoon. Very windy. Near Ka’anapali Zone looks pretty fantastic today, actually! Along the reefs, you can spot a great diversity of fish (including several species of moray eels) … Green light to snorkel in all 3 zones! —>> You can read more about this incident here. The currents may increase late today but the waves are small. Extremely strong currents, riptides & waves crashing on the reef & shoreline. Clouds may increase later this afternoon. Hours: 8 am-5 pm / 7 days a week, The Fairway Shops 2580 Kekaa Drive Sunshine is expected in all 3 Zones and the Trade winds have mellowed out quite a bit with the strongest winds in the Northwest & the far South this afternoon. As the day progresses, wind and waves will increase in all 3 zones. The south face of Black Rock is acting as a great wind block & has the nicest snorkeling conditions today! Underwater visibility is excellent at Black Rock today! Currents are strong out past the tip & at Kahekili beach. Longer periods between larger waves this morning becoming more frequent throughout the day. Black Rock looks incredible! Kahekili beach & Black Rock are both the best spots on Maui today! Weather and water conditions are usually pleasant but, sometimes, they can be a little rough. Napili bay & Kapalua bay have decent conditions. Smallest waves & best snorkeling conditions on the island today! Olowalu, Ulua & Wailea beaches have good visibility. Calm wind this morning will increase late today in areas bringing a higher chance of isolated showers this afternoon. Small waves this morning will probably increase at Kahekili. The wind is strong out of the northeast, which means the south face of Black Rock is offering good wind protection today. Windy & wet weather blowing in from the east. The best snorkeling conditions can be found in Ka’anapali & part of the Northwest Zone. Strong winds are expected by this afternoon out of the east which may cause areas to become choppy & currents to increase, mostly further out. Wow, it is beautiful on the beach and in the ocean today! We expect plenty of sunshine and clear underwater visibility for snorkeling. Please stay out of the ocean in this zone! Black Rock & Kahekili look great! Calmer water returning to Ka’anapali! Strong PM winds (speeds up to 50 mph) will be a factor this afternoon. Currents are flowing pretty strong from Kahekili then south along the outside of Black Rock with little wind waves in areas as well. The sun is out, temps are slightly cooler than average, and wind is mellow. Sunshine may arrive later but weather is more moody this morning. It’s a fantastic day for the beach: we expect plenty of sunshine and mostly mellow wind. Hazardous waves & strong currents. Mostly to partly sunny with a chance of isolated showers late today. Surf will probably pick up throughout the day. However, showers are forecast for the afternoon (driving scores down a bit). Partly sunny. Currents are a little stronger than yesterday. Waves are small but currents are still present. Breezy afternoon may cause Kahekili to become a little rough later today. Almost everyone loves snorkeling after trying it at least once, but it can certainly be distracting to think about your safety. Lots of rain runoff. Will probably become mostly sunny this afternoon with the chance of isolated showers a possibility all day. Hazardous ocean conditions! The giant waves have been dropping down in size. Breezy northeast wind this afternoon so Black Rock will be the better spot later in the day. We’re seeing small waves at the shoreline and there are stronger than usual currents today. Beautiful day with sunshine & clear visibility! Trade winds increasing today carrying moisture from the open ocean elevating the chance of scattered showers. Kahekili still has areas of shore-breaking waves. Black Rock & Mile marker 14 both have the smallest waves on Maui & best visibility today. Waves may increase a little bit later today. Strong northeast wind. There are wet and dry seasons in Maui, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t snorkel during wet season. Mile marker 14 is looking good & North corner of Ulua beach. The waves remain pretty small & visibility is looking good this morning at most spots. Similar weather patterns persist on Thursday as gusts of wind up to 50 mph are possible in Maui. Currents are already becoming stronger. Good snorkeling conditions in Ka’anapali & the Southside today! Mostly sunny skies this morning with scattered showers possible later today. Scattered showers & strong wind. Currents are strong here and waves are beginning to show up at Kahekili Beach. Smaller waves throughout the zone & glassy ocean surface. Conditions continue to be poor for snorkeling in the Northwest. Be cautious of larger waves washing far above the usual shoreline. North West: 5.0 Breeze picking up from the south this afternoon may put gentile bump on the surface near Black Rock. Currents are still flowing pretty good in all areas to be aware of. SHARE YOUR MAUI PICS @THESNORKELSTORE, #SNORKLIFE OR #TURTLEREADY AND WE WILL REPOST OUR FAVES! A new northwest swell is approaching but much of the energy is expected to be blocked by Molokai. We expect the most sunshine on the island in this zone today. Winds are calm this morning & the sun is shining. There’s decent visibility at Olowalu and Ulua as well. Honolua bay, Kapalua bay and Napili bay are all great! The strongest wind will be in south Makena. We are NOT expecting scattered showers today in the 3 Snorkel Zones, although anything is possible. A sizable, shorth period north/northwest swell has already begun to fill in along the reefs of the Northwest Zone causing strong currents and waves are expected to become dangerous by this afternoon.
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