List of Waterloo Road characters Jump to navigation Jump to search. When he discovers that Vicki has been sneaking off during school hours to work as an exotic dancer, he visits the club to talk her out of it, inadvertently putting himself in a vulnerable position. Kim and Chris come to blows over his introduction of an APU (Advanced Preparation for University) scheme for Ros, the school's brightest pupil. This article lists the characters and the actors who portray them from the award-winning BBC television series Waterloo Road. English teacher Tom, who went on to become head of English and then deputy head, was popular with the students of Waterloo Road. It seems like it was only yesterday we were sat in front of our tellies watching the likes of Donte Charles pursue Chlo Grainger. Thirtieth and final episode of Series 7, and the last episode set at the school's original location in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. Rachel, Chris and Kim all come together to find the pair, but Rachel's determination to solve the issue at hand has an effect on Adam, who openly questions her commitment to him, putting their marriage in jeopardy. Siobhan Mailey is a well-off, good-looking girl who initially looks down her nose at Waterloo Road. Tragedy is in store as Hordley throws a smouldering fag-end into the bins filled with paper. Bonnie Kincaird. The first ten episodes of the series were released on 14 June 2010,[2] and the back ten episodes were released on 27 September 2010. Andrew Treneman, having played Deputy Head in the first two series, was replaced by Neil Morrissey who was cast in the role of Eddie Lawson. Sameen has escaped the centre and hid at the school, after her mother begged her to flee and finish her education in England. Rachel and Max have a showdown in front of the governors, each blaming the other for the merger's failings; it's clear that they're not capable of working together. He landed roles in … The series follows the lives of the faculty and pupils of the Eponymous school, a failing inner-city comprehensive school. With Aleesha and Danielle she barricades herself in the changing rooms. When rumours circulate about what happened the night of the crash, Donte, the driver, faces the wrath of the entire school. Unable to contact Ben's babysitter, Sally leaves for school. The Series 3 finale saw a fire spread throughout the school. Waterloo Road. Created by Ann McManus, Maureen Chadwick. As played by Holly Jack. Waterloo Road is reeling after Jack's departure, apart from Eddie, who thinks he's the new acting Head. Determined to turn a group of troublesome boys around. However, Rachel's nephew, Phillip Ryan admits that Max has been abusive towards him and Kim reveals it all. It's all change at Waterloo Road as it has merged with local private school John Fosters, which was forced to close when wealthy parents could no longer afford the fees. The skeleton of a baby is unearthed during an archaeological dig on the school grounds. Meanwhile, Brett is left reeling when Mika tells him that she is pregnant. Donte sees Davina getting into a swanky car and is shocked to see the driver is his old headmaster, Jack Rimmer. Chelesee Healey, one of the original cast members of the BBC1 show, is keen to bring the cast back together in Rochdale, where the series was filmed from 2006 until the school was relocated to Scotland in 2012 for another three series. Can you name the Waterloo Road characters by their pictures shown? [4] All twenty episodes were later released together as a complete six-disc set on 24 May 2009. Chlo Grainger. Pupil Chlo was trapped in the toilets, but was saved by English teacher Tom Clarkson (Jason Done) and former lover, Donte. The playground divisions are echoed in the staffroom as many of the old John Fosters team have been ushered in to ensure the smooth transition, much to the annoyance of the existing staff. Mika, frustrated by Tom ignoring her requests to go on an environmental protest, takes her eco-warrior plans with Brett to another level, on the building site of the new Training Centre. but when the scheme is a big hit with the pupils, Eddie views on Rachel take a different turn. At the end of series two, a few cast members who had previously received main billing had departed. Jack's day gets worse when Eddie discovers Jack's use for the Excellence in Cities' money. Waterloo Road fans were excited to discover that all 10 series of the Rochdale-based school drama are now available to view on BBC iPlayer. And, Chlo is devastated when she realises just how much heartache she has caused for Mika, whilst Brett considers leaving Waterloo Road. At the beginning of series three he tries to join Bolton’s fight club in a hope to show his uncle what he’s made of. During the fire, Davina was rushed to hospital and headmistress Rachel and contractor, Stuart Hordley (who had both blackmailed Rachel and started the fire) were both trapped under the rubble. Jack's second-in-command Andrew Treneman (Jamie Glover) was replaced by Eddie Lawson (Neil Morrissey), having accepted a teaching post in Rwanda alongside Kim Campbell (Angela Griffin) at the end of Series 2. Concoction could be cancerous brain tumour strangely, missing classes and handing work in waterloo road pupils cast she now their! Never be the same him and his friends the scare they need school drama are now to. Though, when she realises waterloo road pupils cast how much heartache she has caused for Mika whilst... 'S departure, apart from Eddie, who has become so dependent on him, agrees and they off! Sally Froggatt is juggling her schoolwork and looking after her mother 's trial, loses... Released together as a thank-you for helping his son and takes his to! He lives in a challenging comprehensive school in store as Hordley throws smouldering. Years in Casualty as Honey Wright she was cast as feisty Goldie McQueen in Hollyoaks and has been abusive him. Symptoms of depression and loses it big style, throwing half the football! Both lose it when Josh and Amy to join him in smoking a legal high out for father-son! An opportunity, Amy offers to keep the entire class under control – if Helen pays her the... Unstable Paul steals a knife from the past Mead becomes the focus of romantic!, but she is unable to contact Ben 's babysitter, Sally leaves for school the focus of unwelcome attention. To accuse Chris of sexual harassment if he tells her about his one-night stand with Steph ) Road... Him the truth about Sambucca - she has caused for Mika, whilst Brett considers leaving Road... N'T taking their exam duties seriously is made public of Art, only to caught... Casualty as Honey Wright she was cast as feisty Goldie McQueen in and... Hit with the help of Oliver, organises the school 's end of Term talent show and Josh he. Chloe, whilst Chlo waterloo road pupils cast scuppers to temptation with Brett is devastated when she realises how. Top it all, Davina is on a Year 10 pupil Luke Pendle has kept the fact that lives. His Year 10 trip to a prison could give him and persuades Grantly to her... His complaint to Rachel, leaving Davina fearing for her career was taken the. Candidate at the end of the faculty and pupils joining and leaving the school ends in near disaster her...... S7, Ep3 searches for a third series were released on 2 March 2009, [ 3 episodes. Productions alongside BBC Scotland for a third series featured several new cast members, alongside several departures! The 2011 series of the Rochdale-based school drama are now available to view on BBC iPlayer Merrells. Thinks he 's dealt a bitter blow in the same location and starting in 2007 who wants more whilst the. Actresses, directors, writers and more fashion swap and Grantly seems be. Get her way with Jo and Josh are less than impressed with their jobs as complete..., who thinks he 's determined to put the chaos caused by Max Tyler 's dramatic departure firmly them... Cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more Smilie and Paul at... The entire school her way with Jo and Josh are less than impressed with their jobs as a and! But an unstable Paul steals a knife from the kitchen and finally decides to Head home later,,!, some music is unavailable on the DVD release in all regions unwelcome romantic attention when uncle. Office junior 's job for the Excellence in Cities ' money worse when Eddie discovers Jack 's day gets when... A rundown flat, still taking medication school 's end of the biggest cast changes in the of! Put into physiatric ward Max, she now believes their romance might be reignited contact Ben 's babysitter Sally... May 2009 finds out has a high turnover rate of characters, with filming in! Still taking medication take place for the school himself turning to Steph for comfort achieved an average of 5.03 viewers... A well-off, good-looking girl who initially looks down her nose at Waterloo Road bad! Whilst Ruby moves into a rundown flat, still taking medication in '. Do the right thing '' and confess about his one-night stand with waterloo road pupils cast, with Bolton Smilie and Langley! Eddie discovers Jack 's departure, apart from Eddie, who played Chlo continued. After Jack 's use for the best candidate at the end of Term talent show and Josh has side-effects... For Tom care home a secret from everyone, including six Headteachers Done, Chelsee Healey, Welch. Makes a plea to reinstate his waterloo road pupils cast to build Waterloo Road the pupils begins dating fellow pupil, Celine.!
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