Foreign transaction fee: 3.5% Balance Transfer. Or if you’re travelling in a big group, book an ExecLarge. th complimentary green fees at Sentosa Golf Club all year round, you can perfect your swing for when you need to impress. Your credit card will be charged with the same amount, plus the 1.6% processing fee (in the above example, you’d find $5,000 credited to your bank account, and a $5,080 charge applied to your credit card account). Unlike the ANZ, UOB, and HSBC Visa Infinite Cards, which are by invitation only, you can apply for the Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Card as long as you meet the S$150,000 annual income requirement. Get discounts at The Fullerton Hotel’s fine restaurants and bars, which include 20% off a la carte lunch at Jade and 25% off Town Restaurant during your birthday month. At a 2% fee, EasyBill allows you to ‘buy’ miles using your Standard Chartered Visa Infinite card for 1.43 cents each when making these payments, though you’ll want to channel your IRAS Income Tax payment through the existing facility at the 1.6% fee as outlined above for a 1.1 cents per mile cost. The Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Card comes with a complimentary Priority Pass membership. Hi – thanks for the informatively written reviews. The Uber app has to be linked to your Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Card and the promo code keyed in. What is the transfer cost to KrisFlyer miles? Note that this does not compel you to then pay your income tax to IRAS in one lump sum if you don’t wish to. Or is it retail spending only? You’d be hard-pressed to find a similar premium travel card that lets you purchase miles as low as S$0.017 per mile. This card too is a high value customer targeted card with rewards on purchases, golf clubs access and travel lounge access features. 1. For 1$ you’ve spent overseas, the 3 miles is just 1.2 KrisFlyer miles; which make it the same as Citi PremierMiles with their 1:1 ratio. This is valid until 31st March 2017. Simply the 3 miles for overseas spent is not KrisFlyer miles, and many other credit cards use this ‘miles’ in their front ads. If you want to ride in style, book an UberExec. Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Card is the bank’s flagship credit card. This is a terrible idea, because: a) you’ll suffer financially, even after the credit card foreign exchange fee is accounted for. Gourmet dining privileges. Your example calculation is not accurate. The Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Card comes with a complimentary Priority Pass membership. Private Infinite Debit Card is just one of the many debit cards that Standard Chartered offer. I really do get 3mpd (7.5points per $) forex spend and 1.4mpd (3.5 points per $) local spend. This includes major destinations including Delhi and Bangalore. Apply for the Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Card and pay the annual fee to qualify (more on this later). Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window), CardUp now lets you earn miles paying your Property Tax, Paid seat selection is here for Singapore Airlines and SilkAir flights: What you need to know, 2020 Guide: Earn miles paying income tax with your credit card, Do Foreign Exchange fees outweigh overseas miles earning rates on your credit card? It’s a stupid system, but it’s just the way it works. Of course if you can’t benefit from the IRAS or dining privileges or if you’re not getting the 50K renewal bonus then perhaps this card is not for you. Up to S$100 Uber rebates in a quarter of a year. The SCVI earns a guaranteed 1 mile for every $1 spent in either local or foreign currency. This was confirmed by phone with Standard Chartered in April this year. You’ll have to pay the annual fee to qualify for the welcome gift and have the credit card valid within six months of account opening date. | BuzzyUSA, Alaska Mileage Plan buy miles 60% bonus offer, 10 reasons to add the revamped HSBC Revolution Card to your wallet in 2021, Singapore Airlines announces April 2021 schedule, COVID-19: Singapore offers early vaccinations to aviation workers, Beware of the unusual Citi Rewards points expiry policy, Additional points, perks and discounts at. Besides access to the Visa Luxury Hotel Collection, cardmembers get exclusive perks at Raffles Hotels and Resorts and an upgrade to Hilton HHonors™ Gold status after staying two or four nights at any participating Hilton hotel and resort. Visa Infinite Credit Card is great for business travelers looking to maximize miles and enjoy easy convenience during trips abroad should consider Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Card. Standard Chartered Priority VISA Infinite Card Rating & Review 2021 Last updated: 2019.12.11 With Priority Visa Infinite Credit Card, you will be able to enjoy the great privileges that offer to your lifestyle. Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Credit Card. 4 Reasons You Wish You Qualified for Singapore’s Most Exclusive Credit Cards This must be made every statement cycle or you would only earn 1 mile per local or overseas dollar spend. You’ll have to pay the annual fee to qualify for the welcome gift and have the credit card valid within six months of account opening date. The Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Card comes with a S$588.50 annual fee that cannot be waived but it is one of the cheapest ways to purchase miles by paying for the card's annual fees.’s comparison tool helped me decide on an air miles card in 10 minutes.” ”, “ “I used to be scared of credit cards, but made me realise that I don’t have to worry about debt if I pay my bill on time each month. No minimum spend applies; the bonus is credited on payment of the first year annual fee. Don’t expect to receive miles instantly. Beware the ‘Dynamic Currency Conversion’ (DCC) offer you’ll often experience overseas when paying with your Visa or MasterCard. The last three times I converted, it took exactly a week the first two times, then about 3 working days the final time. In order to qualify for the welcome gift of 35,000 miles or 25,000 miles and S$100 Uber credits, you’ll have to pay the annual fee of S$588.50. they are less generous) than a KrisFlyer transfer. 10% cashback for Uber rides apply to principal and supplementary cardholders, but is capped at S$100 per quarter (January to March; April to June; July to September; and October to December). Can I use SCVI to do that at a 1.6% fee just like the taxes? Our recommendations for credit cards and other similar products on this site do not constitute financial advice. These transfer to KrisFlyer miles at a 2.5:1 ratio (so the sign-up bonus is actually 87,500 reward points, for example, which you can then redeem for 35,000 miles). Be welcomed. This review was updated on 19th December 2019. Enjoy an elevated banking experience and be rewarded on your total banking relationship with the Priority Banking Visa Infinite credit card. Cardholders get special discounts at car rental providers such as Avis, National, Hertz and Silvercar, and they’re also eligible for various VIP amenities. It forms part of our series of credit card reviews, which are all summarised on our dedicated Credit Cards page. So it’s ok for me to pay, particularly since I benefit from the IRAS facility (which allows the GIRO scheme ‘discount’) and the 50% dining discounts at Fullerton. Apply for Standard Chartered Priority Banking Visa Infinite by Standard Chartered. While this facility is already available for any credit card through CardUp (see our article), the processing fee using the Standard Chartered method is 1.6%, compared to 2.6% with CardUp, so it’s therefore a much better deal to use the SCVI. The cashback offer is available to new Citi Credit Card customers signing up for eligible products by 31st December 2020 or discontinuation of the offer, whichever comes first and who meet the participation and … Here’s our review of the Standard Chartered Visa Infinite (SCVI) credit card issued in Singapore. That means, provided you hit the $2,000 minimum spend each statement cycle on this card, the earning rate is actually: Note that you are initially awarded 1 mile per $1 on all spending, then once the monthly statement is published the extra miles (0.4 locally or 2 overseas) are then added provided the $2,000 spending criteria was met. Principal and supplementary cardholders earn up to S$100 in savings per quarter for Uber rides in 395 cities worldwide. Local earn rate: 1.4 miles per $1* With a hefty annual fee of S$588.50 (including GST) and an exciting 35,000 welcome miles offer, this card is packed with a number of elite indulgences. Interest Rate From 15.0 % p.a. I personally have use this card for two consecutive years no waivable annual fee. Which loyalty schemes can I transfer into? In order to qualify for the welcome gift of 35,000 miles or 25,000 miles and S$100 Uber credits, you’ll have to pay the annual fee of S$588.50. And if you spend over S$2,000 on your trips each month, the generous earn rate of 3 miles per S$1 on overseas spend lets you stack miles quickly. Lifestyle privileges. Promo codes have to be utilised six months from the first promo code used. Not a card for everyone, due to the high income requirement, the hefty annual fee, and the $2,000 monthly minimum spend to generate the good local miles earning rate. Always insist on paying in the local currency of the country you are in. Your personal and financial data stays safe through 2-factor authentication, If you enjoy the finer things in life, you probably want your overseas trips to be as comfortable and pleasing to your senses as possible. Existing Priority or Private Banking customers qualify for this credit card with a mere S$30,000 annual income (but given that you need S$200,000 to become a Priority Banking member, you probably won’t have difficulties meeting this requirement). That’s automatically dreadful in Singapore credit card terms, but hang on…. I was on spending spree for a year, thinking I’m going to score high on miles, which only come to a full realisation when converting it back to KrisFlyer. Could you do a review on DBS Altitude, OCBC Titanium Rewards and Citi Rewards Card? This card offers all the standard features of a Credit Card & nothing much unique benefits. Your Uber account must be linked to your Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Card for this to work. Cashback. Plus The Ultimate Savings Guide for COVID-19 and Beyond, for free! Apply. Never failed so far. EIR/APR: 26.9% on Credit Card Review: Standard Chartered Visa Infinite. I’ve paid my personal income tax bill this way for the last two years, and it’s very straightforward. No, your 360o Rewards Points never expire while your account remains in good standing, so you can keep your points at the Standard Chartered side as long as you need to before converting to KrisFlyer. 10% off your own private jet. I tried checking with the company but only got a standard FAQ document in response…. Nice Review. Additional details and key highlights of the card are given below. But can it meet your expectations of a perfect trip? The current sign-up bonus for the SCVI card is 35,000 miles, worth around $665. Welcome miles are also given as rewards points. While premium travel cards offer similar privileges (HSBC Visa Infinite has complimentary one-way limousine airport transfer, for instance), the Standard Chartered Visa Infinite gives a wider range of lifestyle benefits both at home and overseas.
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